Rooms and rental


The Roncalli House has 10 floors with 151 rooms at all. Some of them has a common anteroom. The are called “Doppelspänner” and can be rented by one or two persons. 16 persons live on each floor. Most of the floors are occupied by girls and guys, but as desired by the residents, we have one pure female floor. Each floor has a kitchen/common room (50 m²) and a balcony. Each resident has a seperate cupboard and

space in frig and freezer. Each floor has seperate restrooms vor girls and guys, and 4 showers.

The rooms are 12 m² large, including bed, desk,  chair, shelf and a anteroom with sink mirror and wardrobe. It has high speed internet access and a cable TV connection.

The rental contract remains valid for the period of the study at one of the colleges/universities in Bochum, at least for 8 months. The monthly rent is 280 € (incl. highspeed internet access, caution 450 €). For rental request click  here.

Offerings in the house

… for each resident