The catholic dormitory Roncalli House Bochum was finished during the winter semester of 1966 and 1967. Founder and holder of the house is the Studentenheimbauverein Bochum e.V., an affiliation of katholic Christs that set their aim to create housing space for students of the Ruhr-Universität and manage it in the sense of charitable Regulation without any profit.

Board of the Heimbauverein
1. Chairman: Dipl.-Bau-Ing. Josefa Wittbold
2. Chairman: Claus Drevermann
Treasurer: Priv.-Doz. Dr. Wolfram Klein

Objectives of the house

Providing an opportunity for students to live near the university is not the house’s only objective, the holder’s main objective is to provide accommodation for students that are willing to live in companionship with other inhabiters and to be jovial, candid and personally involved amongst the students. To allow an efficient and reasonable home autonomy, it is expected by the holder and inhabiters that everyone participates in events to support the students’ autonomy. Furthermore shared areas offer interaction between inhabiters like conversations, collaborative cooking and eating, next to their conventional use of course, in the sense of the holder. Moreover, it is expected that upcoming questions regarding the communal life are answered with the collaboration of other inhabiters. Next to numerous communal activities like parties, visits to the theater or cinema, which are organized by the tutorial or different floors, the dormitory hosts one summer festival, two welcoming days for newcomers and a cultural evening. All ideas are welcome, and can be pushed forward not only by different bodies of the home autonomy and the housemaster, but by individual initiative as well, which allows a huge varitey of communal activities, for instance a weekly devotion with attached breakfast past semester. Ideas like that can collect many interested parties anytime.